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From a young age, Lynne-Marie experienced a sense of the world around her that labeled her as “sensitive”. After the unexpected death of her sister when she was nine years old, those sensitivities included dreaming of and being aware of loved ones that had passed away. As an adolescent, Lynne-Marie began studying and learning the Tarot and developed a skill and an affection for that particular modality, as well For many years, she shared these gifts at private functions, or within the boundaries of trusted family and friends, and continued her career in the legal field. Over time, it became more and more difficult to separate the two worlds, and she joined the team at Uplifting Connections, reading both at fairs and for individuals, becoming known for her accuracies and compassion in both spirit connection and card reading. Making the decision to fully embrace her abilities and calling, Lynne-Marie became the new owner of Uplifting Connections in 2013. She continues to read groups and individuals, and strives to bring you the highest and best of what both worlds have to offer. 

Lynne-Marie will guide you through how to best utilize the Tarot's purpose during a reading.